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Innovation & Operation: Where’s your office? Or does it matter?

There is a cult of innovation, in which “businesses throw around the term to show they’re on the cutting edge of everything from technology and medicine to snacks and cosmetics,” according to a Wall St. Journal article, “You Call That … Continue reading

The Future of Videoconferencing is Software

As the company that pioneered the first all-software MCU, we’ve believed for a number of years now that the future of videoconferencing resides in software. Telephony has always been about hardware so it’s not surprising that hardware-based expensive room systems … Continue reading

The Hardware They Fall

Okay, so the headline is a riff on the classic Jimmy Cliff song, “The Harder They Fall,” but we think it is an appropriate headline for hardware-based videoconferencing solutions, which is the subject of this blog post. As you may … Continue reading

How Avistar ConnectWare Works

We’ve been talking about why we developed Avistar ConnectWare. In this post, we want to address how ConnectWare works. Avistar ConnectWare uses the cloud to offer seamless multiparty voice and videoconference calls that allow users to connect anywhere, to anyone … Continue reading

Why is Videoconferencing Interoperability & Compatibility an End User Problem?

If I can make a phone call from one mobile carrier to another, why can’t I conduct a videoconference between my favorite unified communications and videoconferencing solutions? Imagine you’re a Verizon customer who can’t place a call to a business … Continue reading

The Importance of Interoperability for Videoconference Calls

The Importance of Interoperability for Videoconference Calls – Avistar ConnectWare and Cloud Communications Continue reading

The Struggle to Unify Communications

The title for this blog comes from a presentation given at last year’s Forrester IT Roadmap conference by Art Schoeller, Forrester principal analyst for Unified Communications and Contact Centers. As we prepared this post, we realized that more than 12 … Continue reading

What is Unified Communications – Really

The market for business-class videoconferencing continues to grow – just see the recent IDC Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing and Telepresence Qview that reported industry growth of 14.4 percent in Q1 of 2012 (as we recently blogged about here). Yet something is … Continue reading

IDC’s Recent Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing Report

Last month, the IDC Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing and Telepresence Qview reported that the industry had grown by 14.4 percent in Q1 of 2012. While some companies (like Polycom) reported declines, we’ve been seeing positive trends. The reason: Business expense and … Continue reading

The Size of Videoconferencing & BYOD

It took two generations to pack the capabilities of a room-size computer into the form factor of a PC. It took about 15 years to whittle down a briefcase-sized phone into a pocket-sized smartphone (that has computing power beyond those … Continue reading