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About Us

Avistar is a technology company defined by our customers and their need to see the people they interact with. Organizations ranging from smaller companies to the largest global enterprises use desktop videoconferencing to improve collaboration among their employees, and to connect more effectively with customers and suppliers.

Using visual communications is smart

No one would argue about the benefit of unified, visual communication to business. It cuts the need for travel, with its cost and lost time, and enables a global hallway conversation. Organizations that use visual communications benefit from greater productivity, reduced expenses, increased margins and overall better work – life balance, all while improving the world we live in. The average 20% reduction in business travel shrinks our carbon footprint and makes the planet greener for everyone.

Avistar made it smarter

When we started in 1994, a relative handful of companies delivered desktop videoconferencing solutions.  The promise of visual communications was obvious, but at the time these companies delivered solutions that were expensive, inconvenient, and unreliable. Avistar has invested over a million man-hours to deliver what your organization needs: a desktop videoconferencing experience that is reliable, easy to use, economical, and looks great. Under the hood, we took what we believe was a smarter approach: software-only technology combined with the most efficient bandwidth management techniques that we refined over years of experience solving the challenges of delivering high quality video to and from large numbers of desktops across an organization and over business critical networks. And our results are visible – a superior desktop videoconferencing experience that gets used more fully than any other videoconferencing offerings.

Leading UC providers easily integrate Avistar technology

Our customers, across many industries, need the interoperability, scalability, and bandwidth / policy management that are built into Avistar videoconferencing. Our partners, who include some of the world’s leading technology firms, integrate or resell Avistar videoconferencing with their own software applications. Technology leaders like IBM, Logitech, and LifeSize deploy our solutions within theirs, to offer you video-enabled applications and business processes because we license Avistar videoconferencing to them as components. They are able to quickly integrate our flexible, cost-effective, high-definition videoconferencing with their own solutions.

Our product line is logically organized to meet your needs, whether you are a financial institution or manufacturer, or an OEM or reseller. As an end user, you will first want to know about the endpoint experience – is it easy to use, reliable, fast, and high quality – and then select and pay for just the capabilities you require.  Your IT group will want to understand the optional capabilities like multiparty calling and how to have them work in heterogeneous environments, to ensure that end users will use the infrastructure efficiently and productively.

Avistar desktop videoconferencing gets used more fully

If you deployed Avistar a few years ago, your users have steadily increased their minutes per day of active utilization. Ask them why, and the answer is simple: it works, and it works well. Of course, to scale a bandwidth-intensive application like videoconferencing to hundreds or thousands of heavy users, you have to deal with infrastructure and bandwidth issues. We offer network administrators and technology partners a completely scalable solution for managing bandwidth, protecting calls in progress, setting and administering policy with priority user classes, and central control so that one person can keep everyone’s video calls running smoothly. Our customers demand that their videoconferencing plays well with all others, and Avistar has the experience and tools to ensure that it will.

We believe our software-only approach is advantageous for both end user populations and our OEMs and resellers. For everyone, it means quick deployment, lower cost, and right-sized buying. Over the years, our services and support team have seen virtually every problem that relates to videoconferencing. Their accumulated knowledge is cycled back into our solutions, which are continually refined and improved. Remember, Avistar is software-only, so a simple update brings powerful new features to thousands of desktops immediately, with no hardware changes.

Whether you are an IT director or an OEM, videoconferencing is all about the end-user, the individual who wants to click on a name or photo from their contact list, and be connected immediately, no matter if the other person is around the globe or behind the firewall of another company. Next, they want to single-click to add more people. Then, they want to see and hear everyone with no jitters and shaking. We solve the underlying challenges to make the people in that global conversation forget they are running multiparty, interoperable visual communications. Since our solutions are also available as components, our technology partners and OEMs can easily add the richest video experience available to their software offerings, boosting their market appeal.