All-Software Videoconferencing is the “Powerful Choice” especially in a VDI Environment

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One of the largest privately held electrical contractors in the United States has equipped all of its operating groups and its support function with VDI terminals. While this move has reaped enormous rewards in terms of centralized administration, security controls and energy efficiency, it presented a challenge when the company wanted to introduce videoconferencing as the next stage of its unified communications strategy earlier this year.

When it comes to communications solutions, VDI environments can often overburden business networks by sending and receiving large amount of uncompressed audio and video information. This puts a strain on scalability limits and causes business applications to perform poorly. What this company needed was a solution that maintained application processing within the VDI cloud, and compressed and optimized all communications traffic before transmitting it over the network.

Several of the solutions that the company had been considering were removed from the short list as a result. The company needed an all-software solution for its VDI environment, so hardware-based solutions were not even an option. All-software solutions are mobile, like the company’s business operating unit employees, and provide full voice and video functionality even for remote users over challenging conditions. All-software solutions are also hardware agnostic, allowing use of the latest in webcams, thin terminals and even re-purposed PCs.

The company ultimately chose Avistar to VDI-enable its Microsoft unified communications strategy. Avistar C3 UnifiedTM for Microsoft Lync enables true, continuous multiparty videoconferencing and seamless interoperability between Microsoft Lync and non-Microsoft video infrastructure. It also offers cost-effective interoperability through industry standards and enhanced scalability for the increased network demands resulting from greater UC adoption. There is no other solution on the market today that VDI-enables the communication capability of Microsoft Lync.

The company also choose Avistar C3 IntegratorTM. This solution enables rich videoconferencing to run optimally and at lower cost on virtual desktops across LANs and WANs. Users can experience immersive high-definition desktop video communications on the smallest of thin terminals, without degrading network performance or server scalability. This also was a compelling feature that met the company’s requirements.

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