Google & Facebook validates Avistar prediction – and what that tells us about demand for videoconferencing services

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Avistar’s core mission is to deliver what our business customers want: a desktop videoconferencing experience that is reliable, easy to use, economical, and looks great.

Over the past 15 years, as a result of our mission, we have pioneered many industry firsts, including most recently, the first “enterprise class” all-software MCU and the first desktop videoconferencing solution for virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).

Based on our customer research, each year we issue a report on trends and predictions that will impact our customers and the business-to-business videoconferencing segment. But we also look at broader trends, because we recognize that videoconferencing is part of the larger unified communications market.

In Avistar Issues 2010 Desktop Videoconferencing Trends, issued Dec. 15, 2009, we made one prediction concerning the consumer demand for videoconferencing:

Video goes social. Although it seems natural, videoconferencing will be an added feature of social networks within the next 24 months.

We were closing in on that 24-month’s mark, but within the space of a couple weeks, Google & Facebook have validated our prediction about social and free consumer video chats. Facebook now offers one-to-one calling using Skype and Google offers Google Hangouts as part of its new social media platform, Google+.

These new services are important to our industry as although they do not stand up to the demands of business class videoconferencing and the needs of enterprise clients, they do help everyone understand and appreciate the power of videoconferencing in an economical and approachable way. They also open the door to business to consumer videoconferencing which is a natural evolution for our industry.

We continue to believe that consumer interest and use of videoconferencing will increase demand for business use of videoconferencing. As consumers get more comfortable with video chats with friends and family, they will expect the same capability at work. But since businesses want to use video to connect with customers, business partners and other employees, they’ll want better solutions, offering high-def videoconferencing with no pixelization. They’ll want great audio, with no drop-outs. And businesses will want what they always need: strong security, bandwidth management and virtualized support, plus integration with their room videoconferencing assets.

Check out our predictions for 2011 – and check out the future before it hits.

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