Citrix Synergy San Francisco

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Next month, Avistar heads to Citrix Synergy San Francisco. One line from the show’s website truly strikes a familiar chord: “You’ll see how virtualization, networking and cloud technologies work together to make businesses more agile and efficient, and make workers more productive and satisfied.”

Avistar’s technology is rooted in the mission of “visibly smarter communications” — and we lead the industry in offering desktop visual communications for VDI environments. A month from today, our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Chris Lauwers, will address the Citrix Synergy audience on the topic of “architectures for interactive video and audio in VDI environments.” It’s a talk not to be missed, and a look into the current and future state of helping businesses and workers of today become more productive, efficient and satisfied with the tools they need to do their jobs.

We hope to see you there, booth #638.

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How to tell if a meeting is worth attending in person

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In her monthly Fast Company column, “Do Something,” which covers business lessons from the nonprofit sector that can be applied to the for-profit sector, Nancy Lublin recently wrote about a topic that interests is a great deal.

Entitled, “How to Tell if a Conference Is Travel-Worthy or a Time Waster,” Lublin’s column provided “Travel-Worthy or Time Waster” quiz to determine whether attending a conference is “worth your while.”

While Lublin is focused attending conferences, we think some of the questions can be applied to determine whether you need to attend a meeting in person or can attend remotely such as by videoconference.

Key variables include:

  • The people who will be in the room.
  • The location – Lublin suggests travel-worthy meetings include those in “the city you live and/or work” or “a location you’re dying to visit.”  But we also know that sometimes short-distance meetings can be annoying to attend; it may not make sense to attend a half-hour meeting that’s an hour away, eating two hours (there and back) of your day to attend.
  • Timing – if you need to be in a million places in one day, the best solution is to connect to meetings remotely like using videoconferencing.
  • Your role – If you’re leading the meeting with a lot of other people in the room, it might be worthwhile to attend in person, too.

Here’s to being able to reduce the time-wasting meetings in your job!

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The Consumer-ization of Enterprise Apps

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For sometime we’ve been talking about the impact of consumer technology on enterprise apps.  In his column, “The App is Mightier Than the Mainframe,” Fast Company, Farhad Manjoo makes the case that “Office tech is getting a casual Friday makeover…(and) we should celebrate the Facebookization of the enterprise.”

In a press release from Dec. 15, 2009, we issued a series of trends we thought would be important in 2010, including:

Try it you’ll like it. Free consumer applications will prompt consumers to try videoconferencing – an option more viable when webcams become standard accessories on computers, as they already are on netbooks.

In his article (written months after our thought), Manjoo said, “Putting a consumer-friendly face on some of the most dreaded areas of “enterprise” technology — processes that go by inscrutable acronyms like CRM, ERP, and T&E — has become a hot field for a range of startups.”

Of course, Avistar is no startup. We’ve got 15-plus years of experience, but the point is well taken.  And as we said this year, “true mobile videoconferencing for business is on the horizon, as employees who use mobile videoconferencing in their personal lives will push for the same capability at work.”

We continue to believe it is important that enterprise apps like business-class videoconferencing become more user-friendly.  That why we’ve designed our user interfaces and all our great features to reflect that goal

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Check out the latest videoconferencing technology available on the IBM Lotus Sametime platform at CeBIT 2011

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At CeBIT this week, we’re demoing Avistar C3 Conference™ for IBM Lotus Sametime at the ilink booth, Hall 2, Stand F 20.

Avistar C3 Conference™ for IBM Lotus Sametime provides users with the ability to conduct continuous presence multiparty videoconferences and connect with standards-based third-party room systems.

Because Avistar C3 Conference™ for IBM Lotus Sametime is built on an all-software architecture, the Avistar solution is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware-based MCU solutions. The solution is integrated via IBM’s TCSPI interface, developed in cooperation with ilink.

Benefits of the all software Avistar C3 Conference™ for IBM Lotus Sametime solution include:

  • Continuous presence multiparty videoconferencing.
  • A powerful and cost effective all-software MCU that is seamlessly integrated with IBM Sametime.
  • A significantly lower price point than traditional hardware-based MCUs.
  • A multiparty videoconference solution that interoperables with their IBM Lotus Sametime video endpoints and room solutions.
  • The industry’s clearest, most functional and cost-effective solution for multiparty desktop videoconferencing.
  • This ability to leverage their investment in IBM Sametime while lowering their MCU and multiparty videoconferencing costs.

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