The Importance of Interoperability for Videoconference Calls

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In the “Struggle to Unify Communications” and “What is Unified Communications – Really,” our two recent blog posts, we identified several aspects of unified communications that make it difficult for unified communications to actually unify organizations and their customers and business partners. 

One barrier holding back UC adoption is the lack of a single definition for unified communications. The lack of a unifying definition for UC also leads to another critical barrier: the lack of cross-platform interoperability. 

Systems that don’t “talk” with each other would be unthinkable when it comes to landlines and cellphones.  Imagine using Verizon but being unable to place a call to someone who uses ATT or Sprint.

That means: if your company deploys Cisco Telepresence Suites, employees in one location will be able to communicate with employees working from a different office, but they might not be able to connect with a customer who uses Citrix or Microsoft Lync.

Conversely, if you use Citrix or Lotus Sametime for UC, you might not be able to connect a business partner who uses Polycom or LifeSize room solutions.

That’s why we developed ConnectWare: to help organizations to connect to their customers and business partners – regardless of UC infrastructure or platform. Avistar ConnectWare addresses compatibility challenges between videoconferencing and UC solutions. 

Avistar ConnectWare is a cloud-based solution designed to change the way business applications, service providers, communications solutions and business partners deliver voice and videoconferencing features to their clients and end users.

Here’s a great example of how Avistar Connectware Conferencing delivers interoperability across the industry’s leading unified communications and videoconferencing solutions:


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