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Entertainment / Media

Entertainment and media companies face dramatic changes in the way they develop, distribute and market digital content to audiences.  Consumers around the world now expect to be able to consume and share content at their convenience from the device of their choice.  Companies must respond by building an infrastructure that can handle the delivery of realtime content to thousands of users simultaneously while supporting a wide variety of existing and future endpoints.

Efficient cloud-based delivery of video content to any endpoint

Avistar is helping entertainment and media companies build the infrastructure that will propel them into the future.  Avistar’s support of virtualized environments in its video conferencing technologies allows companies to efficiently deliver realtime video communications to a wide variety of endpoints from existing systems to new mobile endpoints. Avistar’s industry-leading, efficient bandwidth management technology ensures that consumers enjoy a high quality video experience without over-taxing network resources. Avistar’s commitment to media standards like H.264, H.263, H.263+, and H.263++ makes it possible for entertainment and media companies to quickly connect network stations, affiliates and remote event broadcasters to a wide array of communication solutions. This enables them to make video communications an effective tool for their complex business needs.

Videoconferencing in entertainment and media

Videoconferencing technologies are central to the next big leap in communications for the entertainment/media sector. Specifically, wherever a phone is currently used, videoconferencing can enhance the experience. Videoconferencing facilitates field interviews with contributors/specialists and on the scene news broadcasts. The explosion in smartphone use not only ensures a broadcast source is available wherever news is breaking but also that it can be consumed at whatever location and time is convenient to the audience.  Also, videoconferencing enhances communications between networks and their affiliates bringing remote broadcasts to and from sporting, political and other events. As media companies look to monetize their growing library of video assets, videoconferencing tools facilitate the real-time, rapid decision-making that must prevail among content contributors and decision makers.

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