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The global financial crisis has turned up the pressure to achieve greater efficiencies at financial institutions all over the world. Customers of banking and related industries increasingly expect superior, convenient and responsive service. Trading floor communications must be efficient and error-free. Communication with branch offices and clients needs to be simple, reliable and robust.

The reality is that effective personal communication and relationships are central to success, and require more than telephone and e-mail interaction can provide. This is even more true in the financial industry because the personal and economic stakes are so high.

An intuitive communications tool for financial institutions

Avistar helps many global financial institutions leverage the power of video communications to improve the effectiveness of key business processes. How? Avistar’s all-software desktop videoconferencing technology gives them a cost-effective tool that works intuitively with the processes they have in place to streamline personal interactions. Some of the world’s largest banks have come to depend upon Avistar to speed up trading decisions while making them more collaborative and accurate, improve managerial communication, and reduce travel cost and time. Their trust is based on proven reliability. They have learned over time that Avistar’s videoconferencing simply works. Our financial customers have come to expect visual communications to be available whenever they need it. Even with thousands of users, Avistar’s efficient use of bandwidth ensures that corporate networks are never bogged down and other critical applications continue to operate as usual.

Videoconferencing in finance

Financial institutions find tremendous value in two applications of videoconferencing: reducing time lost to travel for managerial meetings, and multi-trader coordination of critical trades, whether across time zones or trading floors. As an example of what a natural fit visual communication is with trading, at firms that provide traders with Avistar videoconferencing, a high percentage of their traders choose to be on multiparty video calls during 100% of their workday. The trading, sales and operations personnel at one of Avistar’s large international investment bank clients uses Avistar videoconferencing to better support clients and resolve processing exceptions more effectively.

For more information, on how the Avistar C3™ platform of solutions can help your finance organization cut travel time and costs, and improve communications and productivity, please contact us.