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With continued pressure on health care and insurance reform, health care providers are always looking for ways to improve medical outcomes at lower costs. For many patients with acute medical needs there are often two primary concerns. Is the best care readily accessible and is it affordable? The most experienced critical-care specialists are often located in urban or suburban centers, far from the neediest patients. With the growth of large health care networks, practitioners themselves often spend significant amounts of time traveling between facilities, which takes time away from patient care and raises costs.

Video conferencing improves the accessibility and affordability of top-notch health care

Video conferencing technology from Avistar is helping health care providers deliver needed medical services to more people at lower cost than ever before. Video conferencing tools allow delivery of critical care to patients in rural areas who would not otherwise have access to specialists.  Doctors in one hospital are able to deliver services to patients in another hospital, or conduct administrative meetings that previously required travel to another facility. The bottom line? Videoconferencing not only lowers costs and saves time for critical medical professionals, but can improve patient outcomes .

Featured Industry News

Health care ripe for videoconferencing

Videoconferencing has always held the promise to extend the geographic reach of high quality medical care. Now, reduced prices and improved quality of videoconferencing technologies are boosting the adoption of telemedicine videoconferencing systems, according to new analysis from research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. >> full story

MassGeneral uses videoconferencing to improve care in pediatric intensive care unit

Patients being treated in the pediatric intensive care unit at MassGeneral Hospital for Children now have doctors virtually at their bedside 24/7 via a new home-to-hospital program. >> full story

For more information, on how the Avistar C3™ platform of videoconferencing solutions can help your health care organization deliver care more flexibly and cut travel time and costs, please contact us.