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Large global and mid-sized manufacturers are always striving to improve their cycle times, time-to-market, product quality, and supply chain efficiencies. Manufacturers are under constant pressure to get new products to global markets faster than the competition. This increases the need for flexibility and speed in their business processes and decision-making. Manufacturers must find innovative ways to communicate with customers and suppliers worldwide in order to become a low-cost producer while delivering superior quality and customer service.

Videoconferencing streamlines information flows in complex manufacturing processes

As manufacturers turn to outsourcing and global supply chains, the management and flow of information is more complicated than ever. Videoconferencing tools can help manufacturers gain control of information flows across the business and improve collaboration both inside and outside the organization. Videoconferencing tools from Avistar have helped manufacturers improve engineering, address manufacturing quality, streamline the supply chain, and improve customer satisfaction and services.

Videoconferencing in manufacturing

One contract manufacturer utilizes videoconferencing to keep up with regular employee training demands. As new manufacturing concepts like “Lean” are implemented and new contracts are won, line employees in satellite plants now participate in videoconference training sessions to acquire the skills needed to deliver on the contract. By completing the training at the local plant rather than traveling to a headquarters or regional office, employees are able to respond more quickly to the demands of incoming contracts, which improves delivery time and quality and lowers delivery costs.

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