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The Avistar Difference

Take a close look at Avistar, and you will find breakthrough price/performance in a feature-rich, high-definition, easy-to-use desktop videoconferencing experience. Avistar has been an innovator in the field since 1994. For many years, ease of use was a major barrier to adoption. Avistar overcame that with its single-click, high-quality and high-definition endpoint solutions that are manageable, scalable, and visually exciting.

Unique software-only approach

Competing desktop systems can cost three times as much to procure and deploy as Avistar’s software-only solutions, which all run on standard off-the-shelf servers. For the small business with 30 users or a multinational with 30,000 endpoints, Avistar delivers the most flexible and cost-effective platform for business-class videoconferencing. Avistar’s software-only approach and interoperability make high-quality videoconferencing simple and economical.

Efficient and comprehensive bandwidth management capabilities

IT departments must ensure that heavy use of videoconferencing does not saturate the corporate network and bog down business applications. Avistar built a complete solution to this challenge: bandwidth management, centrally administrated, to control allotment of bandwidth according to policies that protect applications, high-priority users, and video calls in progress.

Only visual communications optimized for virtualized infrastructures

As a growing number of companies deploy virtualized desktops within their corporate information infrastructures, many are demanding business-grade desktop videoconferencing that is compatible with the leading virtualization solutions such as Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp, and HP’s RGS. Avistar has been focused on delivering our business-class desktop videoconferencing solutions within the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This makes us unique in our industry and delivers on a critical visual communications requirement within the VDI.

Visibly Smarter Communications

You need to see the people you do business with, and Avistar provides a cost-effective, easy, high-definition videoconferencing experience which is friendly to users, IT support, the network infrastructure, and the corporate budget. Since 1994, to today with over 100,000 active users, Avistar has the proof we deliver visibly smarter communications.