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Bandwidth Management

Of all the capabilities that separate Avistar from its competitors, the ability to efficiently manage the potential bandwidth demands videoconferencing places on a network may be as central to its offerings as any. IT organizations stay awake at night worrying about how to accommodate a new corporate-wide videoconferencing tool – especially if that tool becomes heavily used. Avistar’s approach eases those concerns.

Avistar combined its substantial expertise in efficient media compression techniques and decades of experience solving the bandwidth challenges of audio and video communications and put it to good use in its products. The result is the industry’s most efficient videoconferencing application that allows intelligent, central management of network bandwidth. Its purpose: to ensure that unified communications do not overwhelm your network or slow down other applications – especially when users come to rely on videoconferencing as a communications means. Avistar’s bandwidth management technology makes the most of available bandwidth, and is one reason that enterprise videoconferencing with Avistar often requires no network modifications or enhancements.  Avistar videoconferencing can scale up, in many cases without buying more hardware to carry the peak load.

Efficiency and intelligent, centralized command means bandwidth for all

The sophisticated bandwidth management technology embedded in Avistar’s software-based videoconferencing solution allows constant, ubiquitous videoconferencing anywhere on the corporate network. It lets most networks handle peak loads without significant new network investments, and can support thousands of active video users. In keeping with Avistar’s cost-effective approach, its bandwidth management capability makes scalability very achievable and affordable.