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Software-Only Video Infrastructure

Superior videoconferencing at a fraction of the cost

Avistar has taken a markedly different technology approach; our videoconferencing systems are software-only, highly interoperable, and allow customers to use off-the-shelf standard hardware. In many cases, this lowers the cost of entry into videoconferencing for customers by two-thirds, as compared to competing, hardware-based systems. Avistar’s software-based technology also makes it much easier for companies to achieve anywhere, anytime video communication.

A clear example of this dramatic cost savings is multiparty videoconferencing, which requires a multipoint control unit (MCU) for calls involving more than two endpoints. There are essentially two approaches to addressing this requirement: hardware-centric, and software-based. The more common hardware-dependent approach requires purchase of an appliance unit; the owner pays up front for its entire capacity, whether or not it is used.

Avistar’s MCU is completely software-based. The software-only Avistar MCU delivers industrial-strength multiparty videoconferencing, can be easily integrated with a range of applications, such as desktop productivity tools and has great advantages in scalability. As the number of users grows, there is no need to purchase additional appliances, as one just has to scale the server capacity to meet calling demand.

In fact, Avistar’s backend is entirely software, which gives it a lower purchase price, lower total cost of ownership, more flexibility, and better ROI than systems that rely on expensive, proprietary hardware. This is just one of the reasons global leader IBM is licensing the Avistar C3 Command™ bandwidth management solution.

Standards-compliant software delivers more flexibility

Early in its product development history, Avistar chose interoperability – and built in compatibility with key standards like SIP, H.323, STUN, TURN and ICE – to name a few. Updates are easily administered across networks. Evolution of standards does not require new hardware. Ubiquitous videoconferencing is feasible and economical, connecting desktop users securely across multiple firewalls and time zones, to thin-client endpoints and groups in videoconference rooms. The ability to continue leveraging major legacy investments in room systems is a great benefit.

Organizations across the globe, including some of the largest multinationals, have committed to Avistar’s software-only technologies, and the number of committed “seats” in use has soared recently, now exceeding one hundred thousand. In addition, Avistar’s technology partners such as IBM, HP, and Citrix have demonstrated their approval and support for our field-proven, componentized, economical approach to videoconferencing.