Products Quick Benefits
End User
  • Feature rich, HD capable desktop videoconferencing endpoint
  • Immediate deployment, software-only, cost-effective
  • No-hassle call initiating, with familiar IM Buddy interface
  • As reliable as the phone between all types of end-points including room systems and desktops
  • Efficient utilization of network bandwidth

Technology Partner (OEM)
  • Can be white labeled and designed to operate alongside other desktop applications
  • A fraction of the cost of comparable hard-ware based desktop endpoint solutions
  • High quality, reliable videoconferencing to extend your value proposition to customers
  • Software-only desktop-based videoconferencing which works seamlessly with all endpoints including room systems
  • Scalable and efficient, minimizing network impact from video calls
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See what so many companies have already discovered: Avistar’s all-software videoconferencing products deliver business communications you can depend on. With deployments across a broad spectrum of industries and ranging in size from 30-35,000 users, Avistar’s proven products reflect our 16-year focus on the challenges and opportunities of bringing desktop videoconferencing to users in the office or in a meeting room, on the road, or at a branch office.

Our Avistar C3™ platform brings together a unique software-only approach with the industry’s most efficient bandwidth management technology to deliver the lowest cost, most flexible and reliable video communications experience available anywhere.  Learn more about the videoconferencing products that small businesses and global corporations have come to rely upon, and technology developers such as Citrix, IBM, LifeSize, Logitech and many other leading unified communications vendors use to power their solutions.

Avistar C3 Communicator™ - Endpoint

Avistar’s comprehensive video-calling desktop package combines a familiar IM buddy list interface with Avistar’s patent-protected video software technology for an easy to use and integrate high-definition desktop video experience

Avistar C3 Unified ™ - Unified Communications Endpoint

Allows organizations to integrate the Avistar C3 Communicator™ experience into familiar desktop tools such as Microsoft Office. Enables true, continuous multiparty videoconferencing and seamless interoperability between Microsoft’s Office Communications Server (now Microsoft Lync) and non-Microsoft video infrastructure

Avistar C3 Media Engine ™ - Embeddable Endpoint

An embeddable communications component that delivers the same high quality desktop audio and videoconferencing experience from any software application

Avistar C3 Conference™ - Software MCU

Offers an industrial-strength, software-based MCU for simple, accessible conferencing and deployment flexibility

Avistar C3 Call Control™ - SIP Registrar

Integrated SIP Registrar supporting centralized or distributed deployments for 10 to 10’s of thousands of users

Avistar C3 Connect™ - Gateway

A SIP-to-H.323 software-based gateway that enables users to place calls directly into videoconferencing and telepresence systems, and vice versa

Avistar C3 Tunnel™ – Firewall Traversal

Engineered to leverage standards-based technology and deliver crystal clear videoconferencing across multiple firewalls without requiring a VPN connection

Avistar C3 Command™ - Bandwidth Management

Puts bandwidth management in the hands of IT administrators

Avistar C3 Integrator™ - Adapter for VDI environments

Enables all the Avistar C3™ platform of solutions to run in virtualized desktop infrastructures. Facilitates high-quality video from thin-clients, with minimized transmission delays and optimized network performance. Available in two editions that support Citrix or HP environments

For more information, on how the Avistar C3™ platform of solutions can help your organization, please contact us.