Avistar C3 Connect™ Quick Benefits
Technology Partner (OEM)
  • Enables any SIP stack to easily and seamlessly integrate with H.323 solutions
  • Allows economical integration of heterogeneous (new and legacy) unified communications in-frastructure
  • Delivers an easy-to-integrate, all-software, standards-based, SIP – H.323 interoperability gateway
  • Gives users the ability to call both SIP and H.323 based room solutions without the need for costly gateway solutions
  • Provides simple call initiation for greatly enhanced ease of use
  • Eliminates proprietary hardware requirement
Quick Connect

Avistar C3 Connect™

Users of desktop video often have difficulty placing calls to endpoints in other videoconferencing environments such as telepresence systems. The Avistar C3 Connect™ solution is a software-based SIP-to-H.323 gateway that handles all the call details, giving seamless integration with current and legacy videoconferencing.

Easily integrated SIP to H.323 gateway

The Avistar C3 Connect™ solution is a software-only gateway that makes it easy to call to, or from, a wide range of room and desktop systems. A gatekeeper registration provides access to ad hoc and scheduled conferences hosted on existing H.323 and SIP multipoint control units. The goal is easy integration with a company’s existing videoconferencing environment. No hardware appliances are needed. The Avistar C3 Connect™ solution blends new and old IT investments, with no impact on audio and video quality or latency.

Wide standards support

The Avistar C3 Connect™ solution supports H.264, H.263, H.263+ and H.263++ at high capacities up to 250 concurrent calls. Technology partners and OEMs will enjoy a cost-effective, simple to deploy interoperability solution.

Avistar C3 Connect™
Avistar C3 Connect™