Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix Quick Benefits
Enterprise IT
  • Delivers feature rich desktop videoconferencing experience within a VDI environment
  • Reduces videoconferencing burden on the infrastructure by optimizing video at the source
  • Ensures the operational and environmental advantages that virtual desktops provide

Technology Partner (OEM)
  • Enables all Avistar C3™ platform endpoints to run seamlessly and effectively in the Citrix environment
  • Leverage the Citrix architecture, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenDesktop solution features
  • Reduces operational cost, optimizes media processing while reducing network overhead
Quick Connect

Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix

The Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix solution enables the Avistar C3™ platform endpoints such as the Avistar C3 Communicator™ solution, and the Avistar C3 Unified™ for Microsoft OCS, Lync and IBM Lotus Sametime solutions to run optimally within the Citrix environment, working in harmony with network and server resources. Achieve the centralized control and lower operating costs that come with a virtual desktop infrastructure while delivering exceptional desktop videoconferencing solutions. The Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix solution enables all Avistar videoconferencing functionality to be delivered using Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp. This solution keeps bandwidth consumption in check while providing a feature-rich desktop videoconferencing experience to the end user.

Enhance the value of the Citrix environment

The more efficiently audio and video are handled, the less burden videoconferencing places on a network. As an example, Microsoft OCS (now Microsoft Lync) has taken center stage as a leading unified communications platform. In many deployments of Microsoft OCS, though, organizations want VDI support as well as important desktop videoconferencing features. With the Avistar C3 Integrator™ solution, users can leverage the Citrix platform to gain the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and experience desktop videoconferencing at its best. VDI has become a critically important element in corporate IT infrastructure. Now, VDI works well with desktop unified communications, thanks to the Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix solution.

The richest videoconferencing experience on the thinnest of terminals

The Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix solution enables rich videoconferencing to run optimally and at lower cost on virtual desktops across LANs and WANs. Users can experience immersive high-definition desktop video communication on the smallest of thin terminals, without degrading network performance or server scalability. Everyone wins with the Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix solution as end users experience a fully immersive desktop videoconferencing experience, while the IT organization benefits from lower IT operating costs and gains the efficient deployment and support model of the VDI environment.

Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix
Without & With Avistar C3 Integrator™ for Citrix