Avistar C3 Media Engine™ Quick Benefits
Enterprise IT
  • Experience communications with business context
  • Enable any applications with a cost-effective, quick solution providing robust, reliable and proven communications features
  • Reduces Start with simple point to point videoconferencing and audio calling, upgrade to full multiparty capabilities as demand grows
  • Efficient, scalable and interoperable with other communication assets

Technology Partner (OEM)
  • Embed a proven videoconferencing capability into any software application
  • Speed time to market with software component; no need to rebuild your communications platform
  • Choose whatever capability and feature set your customers require
  • World-class, proven, high quality videoconferencing with full bandwidth management and interoperability
Quick Connect

Avistar C3 Media Engine™

Avistar technology partners or enterprise IT organizations, can embed a comprehensive, high quality desktop audio and videoconferencing solution in any software application by licensing the Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution. All the core functions – video or audio calls, transrating and transcoding – work in unison via a simple-to-use, embeddable plug in. You can use the Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution to enable a business process with visual communications or build a video-capable suite of unified communications offerings.

Picture your software applications with immediate video collaboration

The Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution allows OEMs to embed an industry-leading visual communications experience in their software products or services, speeding their time to market with no need to rebuild their communications platform. For an end-user perspective on the exciting capabilities in this component, and their business benefits, our technology partners can read about the Avistar C3 Communicator™ solution, which is the same solution encased in Avistar’s branded user interface.

Don’t struggle to reinvent the UC wheel

Developing a unified communications offering successfully is difficult and requires significant investment. Delivering a high-definition, reliable videoconferencing experience with Avistar’s quality and economy cannot be done overnight – except by embedding the Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution. Interoperable with both existing room and video infrastructures, the Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution enables core audio and videoconferencing functions such as call initiation, and transrating and transcoding tasks to be managed seamlessly, while providing reliability, scalability, and rock-solid audio/video synchronization.

Four Powerful Editions, delivering flexible licensing and economical packaging

The Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution is available in four separate Editions that meet the need of small, medium, and larger-sized businesses. Companies can choose an Edition that is tailored to their needs; from a full-featured, simple-to-use Avistar C3™ video infrastructure and associated endpoints, to Avistar’s advanced video infrastructure including virtualized (VDI) support and industry leading bandwidth management capabilities. These Editions can be licensed on an seat or call connection basis.

Efficient standards-based design minimizes network impacts and delivers reliability

The Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution’s efficient use of network bandwidth enables thousands of users to access desktop videoconferencing from any application, VoIP and streaming media from within your offering, without requiring substantial new network investment or impairing your customer’s network performance. The Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution makes it easy and economical to ensure that your product leverages current infrastructure and networks through support of industry standards like H.264. Avistar software runs on industry standard servers and connects to a wide range of videoconferencing assets — a LifeSize room, a Polycom endpoint, desktop endpoints, and combinations of all these. The Avistar C3™ platform of solutions easily integrate with existing environments using SIP and H.323.

Avistar provides you with the industry’s most reliable and intuitive high-definition videoconferencing in an easy to embed and deploy software component. The Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution allows you to build a media experience into your product or process easily and quickly, and cover every enterprise need for video communications and communications-enabled business processes. For purchasers of your applications, it will be clear that their users will be able to perform their jobs at a higher level.

Avistar C3 Media Engine™
Avistar C3 Media Engine™