Avistar C3 Tunnel™ Quick Benefits
Enterprise IT
  • Enable users to easily establish secure connections with remote and home workers, partners, vendors, and customers.
  • Navigates connection barriers including firewalls without VPN requirement.
  • Scalable up to 500 concurrent video calls per server pair.
  • Remote users can connect without any reconfiguration.

Technology Partner (OEM)
  • Brings secure, anytime, anywhere video conferencing to your applications
  • Connects video calls transparently across diverse networks, firewalls, hardware, and security policies without a virtual private network.
  • Safeguards external transmissions with encryption.
  • Can be white labeled to meet vendor branding requirements
Quick Connect

Avistar C3 Tunnel™

Ensure that users have access to ubiquitous external video calls without compromising security.  In the face of any firewall, network configuration, multi-vendor hardware or security policy, the Avistar C3 Tunnel™ solution transparently determines the best way to connect videoconference calls to desktops, and outside the firewall to external conferences and endpoints. By leveraging standards-based technology the Avistar C3 Tunnel™ solution delivers crystal clear videoconferencing across multiple firewalls without requiring a virtual private network or cumbersome reconfigurations on the users’ end.

External video calls regardless of barriers

The Avistar C3 Tunnel™ solution is a scalable firewall traversal solution, supporting standards such as SIP, STUN, TURN, and ICE with an encrypted pathway to safeguard transmissions outside the company.  It allows remote users to connect without having to reconfigure their systems. One-click access establishes secure multiparty videoconference calls through barriers that can otherwise hinder unified communications. It also protects legacy investments in videoconference rooms, connecting them across firewalls to remote desktops.

Scalable and easy to deploy

The Avistar C3 Tunnel™ solution is easy to deploy, with no firewall changes necessary. It carries up to 500 simultaneous video calls per host server pair, with standards-based firewall and NAT traversal solution. It uses direct UDP paths where possible and reverts to tunneled operation when necessary. The Avistar C3 Tunnel™ solution allows the organization to deploy any multiple of servers for scalability, performance and redundancy.

Three components for small businesses, large enterprises and partners

The Avistar C3 Tunnel™ solution consists of three components that meet the needs of small businesses, large enterprises and technology developers. This includes:

  • Avistar C3 Tunnel™ Server, which is the actual firewall traversal server
  • Avistar C3 Tunnel™ Enterprise Server, which is the proxy server required by larger enterprises
  • Avistar C3 Tunnel™ Client SDK, which is the client toolkit for our technology partners

Avistar C3 Tunnel™
Avistar C3 Tunnel™