Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Sametime Quick Benefits
Enterprise IT
  • Add high-quality videoconferencing to IBM Lotus Sametime UC environments
  • Integrates the Avistar C3™ experience into IBM Lotus Sametime easily and quickly
  • Solves interoperability problems immediately making access to room solutions quick, simple and economical
  • Provides end user with continuous presence multiparty videoconferencing
  • Enables IBM Lotus Sametime and videoconferencing within VDI Environments

Technology Partner (OEM)
  • Give customers utilizing IBM Lotus Sametime an integrated, world-class videoconferencing experience
  • Leverage seamless SIP to H.323 Interoperability
  • Provide a continuous presence multiparty experience to end users
Quick Connect

Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Sametime

The Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Sametime solution allows organizations to integrate the Avistar C3™ experience into UC solutions such as IBM Sametime. This enables true, continuous multiparty videoconferencing and seamless interoperability between IBM Sametime users and endpoints from third-party room and telepresence solution providers.

Seamless videoconferencing interoperability

IBM Lotus Sametime has taken center stage as a leading unified communications platform. Clients quickly see the benefits of its company-wide, presence-based contact directory and features such as instant messaging, VoIP integration, and advanced desktop application integration. In many deployments of IBM Sametime though, the native desktop videoconferencing capability lacks some of the key features needed to leverage the full benefits promised by unified communications. These features include direct videoconferencing, interoperability with other desktops, rooms and telepresence systems, continuous presence multiparty videoconferencing, and support for VDI and thin terminal environments.

The feature rich Avistar videoconferencing experience in IBM Sametime

The Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Sametime solution allows users to benefit from an integrated Sametime desktop presence while leveraging a feature-rich Avistar visual communications experience. It also offers cost-effective interoperability through industry standards and enhanced scalability for the increased network demands resulting from greater UC adoption.

Four Powerful Editions, delivering flexible licensing and economical packaging

The Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Sametime solution is available in four separate Editions that meet the need of small, medium, and larger-sized businesses. Companies can choose an Edition that is tailored to their needs; from a full-featured, simple-to-use Avistar C3™ video infrastructure and associated endpoints, to Avistar’s advanced video infrastructure including virtualized (VDI) support and industry leading bandwidth management capabilities. These Editions can be licensed on an seat or call connection basis.

Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Lotus Sametime
Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Sametime