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"HDX technology delivers bandwidth-efficient, crystal clear voice and video to support the communication and collaboration tools and high-quality multimedia that users need to work productively, creatively and cost-effectively from anywhere."

- Citrix describing the end result of Avistar’s technology in their XenDesktop products

The adage ‘you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep’ applies to businesses as much as it does to individuals. With visual and unified communications requirements growing, major technology providers are hyper-focused on how well their products meet market needs or co-exist with technologies that do. When a new visual communications market requirement emerges, technology firms turn to Avistar.  Avistar’s proven, easy-to-integrate, all-software technology and rapid time-to-market help firms leverage market opportunities and limit competitive threats.

You’re in good company.  Take a look at the following examples of technology providers that are choosing Avistar’s technology to power their virtualization, unified communications and video solutions:

Citrix – The first virtualization platform to natively support unified communications.

Citrix has 100’s of millions of VDI seats in use today. Installations of this size indicate that Citrix deals with the biggest organizations – large enterprise users. When Citrix saw the demand for unified communications exploding they identified an opportunity to support the needs of their virtualization platform customers and to seize the market opportunity. While no competitor offered this capability, Citrix wanted to maintain its leading market position and be the first to deliver it. So they licensed the proven Avistar C3 Integrator™ technology to speed the process. Citrix recently announced industry-first support for UC systems on their virtualization platforms.

View Citrix announcement

IBM – Making sure unified communications don’t overwhelm the network.

As IBM experienced increasingly larger installations of Lotus Sametime, many of their clients were asking how to prevent the growing audio and video traffic from colliding and competing with the bandwidth needed for business critical applications. To move quickly and demonstrate market leadership, IBM licensed Avistar’s bandwidth management technology Avistar C3 Command™.  Avistar’s software-only, standards-based architecture  was already delivering clear value in large enterprise installations and was easy to integrate and embed into Lotus Sametime. As a result IBM was the first UC vendor to bring bandwidth management to market. First to market – a common thread among companies that use Avistar’s technology.

Learn more about IBM Sametime voice and video

Lifesize – Addressing a competitive requirement for desktop video.

Lifesize has experienced great success delivering high-quality, low cost room solutions for videoconferencing. With the emergence of desktop videoconferencing Lifesize recognized that the desktop telepresence market was at an inflection point. Lifesize turned to Avistar’s proven desktop videoconferencing technology to expand its own product portfolio, helping to secure existing clients while also attracting new interest. Avistar C3 Communicator™ became the basis for the recently announced Lifesize Desktop product. It has been received very successfully in the marketplace and maintains consistency with their high-quality, low cost product strategy.

If you’d like to know how to get started give us a call. Whether you’re looking to enhance the capabilities of your products with a proven easy to integrate technology or rollout enhanced visual communications capabilities to your users, we’ll show you how Avistar’s C3 platform delivers the technology that quickly enables video and unified communications in any environment.

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