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ROI and Green Calculator

Your organization could achieve the following savings and return on investment when using Avistar. For a more detailed analysis and demonstration, please contact Avistar directly.

Savings that could be achieved when using Avistar: 0.00
ROI in First Year: 100.00%
Payback Period (months): 0.00
With Avistar your organization could...

...deliver an ROI within
0 months of deploying.

...reduce it's T&E budget by 20%.

...increase productivity by
3% per year.

...save an average of 4 hours per employee every month.

Carbon emissions produced: 0.00 Tons of CO2
Carbon emissions that can be saved: 0.00 Tons of CO2
With Avistar your organization could...

...reduce your corporate carbon footprint by 20%.
...save up to 4,169 Tons of CO2 per year from travel reduction, the equivalent of taking 695 SUV's off the road for the year.