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Support Contact
24 hours/day; 365 days/year
Email: helpdesk@avistar.com
International: +1.650.525.3333


At Avistar, we take great pride in our relationship with our customers. The focal point of that relationship is our customer support program. Avistar’s three Support Centers located around the globe provide first-class support services to large, multi-national companies around the world.

Each of the Avistar global Support Centers are staffed with highly trained support personnel who are knowledgeable about not only Avistar applications, but also desktop and data networking technologies. This enables operations personnel to quickly diagnose and resolve even the most complex issues.

Avistar customers can select from three available levels of support:

Avistar Total Support (ATS) 24 x 7 access to Avistar Customer Support covers:

  • Product anomaly diagnosis
  • Notification of product improvements, revisions, updates, additions, modifications and minor enhancements (“Releases”)
  • Next Business Day (NBD) advance replacement of Avistar hardware components
Avistar Total Support plus Onsite (ATSO) In addition to the services included with ATS, ATS plus Onsite (ATSO) provides a  dispatched Avistar Customer Engineer to customer site. Onsite support activities can include:

  • Additional product anomaly diagnosis
  • Installation of replacements for defective infrastructure hardware and/or hardware or software upgrades
Avistar Total Support plus Onsite – Next Business Day (ATSO – NBD)
  • ATSO – NBD adds a next day, onsite response guarantee to the services provided by ATSO level support
  • Available in San Francisco, New York and London metropolitan areas

Remote Managed Services

Avistar analysts and design engineers can provide remote professional services on an annual basis. Clients of remote services provide Avistar Support Center personnel with secure remote network access to the customer’s Avistar infrastructure.

Remote services include:

  • Remote monitoring
  • System software updates
  • Configuration support
  • Proactive log analysis to identify potential issues
  • Remote troubleshooting and issue resolution

All Remote Managed Services engagements include:

  • A statement of work detailing the client’s specific requirements
  • Regular project monitoring meetings

Support Contact

24 hours/day; 365 days/year
Email: helpdesk@avistar.com
International: +1.650.525.3333