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Organizations today get it. Desktop videoconferencing as a primary business communication medium makes good business sense. But anyone that makes the jump to videoconferencing wants to be assured that the technology can be used seamlessly with the tools they already have in place and that the videoconferencing experience is always available and consistently high quality. No jitter, pixilation or lip-sync problems please.

Proven desktop videoconferencing at one-third the cost

Avistar has worked for nearly two decades solving all the major challenges associated with delivering intuitive, consistently high-quality video and audio communications tools to employees all across an organization. Whether that means a handful of employees at a small company or thousands of employees at a global corporation, Avistar delivers an all-software solution that is remarkably stable and usable at a cost that is a third of hardware-assisted offerings.

Where’s the proof? It’s in the consistently high user adoption rates experienced by companies that implement Avistar’s software. In fact, Avistar customers on average, use video calls twice as much in the fourth year as they do after the first year.

Avistar provides a comprehensive range of business communication software applications from full-featured video endpoints to individual video infrastructure components that handle specific tasks such as bandwidth management, multiparty calling, connecting to existing video equipment, and others.

Partner-ready embeddable software technology

Avistar’s desktop videoconferencing technology is ideally suited for technology developers looking to add a videoconferencing capability to their unified communications solutions. What makes Avistar’s approach a better fit than other available options? There are four primary reasons:

  • Proven videoconferencing even at scale – Avistar delivers a reliable, high-quality desktop videoconferencing experience even at scale and we can prove it. Thousands of employees at some of the world’s largest investment banks use Avistar desktop videoconferencing actively to stay in touch with colleagues and maximize their productivity.
  • Maximum flexibility – Easily embedded software modules allow developers to integrate only the communications capabilities and capacity needed.
  • Lowest cost alternative – Software-only approach eliminates the need for proprietary hardware.
  • Fewest infrastructure demands – Avistar’s sophisticated bandwidth management technology achieves unprecedented levels of network efficiency. This ensures that even heavy videoconferencing use doesn’t require significant new infrastructure investments.

Technology developers are ultimately looking to incorporate the best videoconferencing experience at the lowest cost. Avistar’s solutions help them do that faster and with better results than any other offering available today.

For more information, on how the Avistar C3™ platform of solutions can help your organization, please contact us.