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Adding a ubiquitous communications capability to the everyday tools employees already use to conduct business is the idea behind unified communications solutions delivered by technology providers like Microsoft and IBM. The benefits of this approach are clear-cut:  more productive employees, improved process accuracy, faster customer issue resolution and more.

But moving to a full-blown unified communications system may require rebuilding existing applications. What if a videoconferencing capability is all that’s needed to deliver the benefits of integrated communications in an existing business application? What if the additional features of embedded presence, instant messaging and voice over IP delivered by UC systems are unnecessary?

An easily integrated, proven video capability

Technology developers and IT departments looking for a proven and easy-to-integrate videoconferencing capability should consider using a plug-in software component that is efficient, low-cost, interoperable, secure and scalable.  This approach would deliver superior videoconferencing capabilities to key business processes without the need to rebuild the existing applications that support them.

If your organization simply needs to integrate a standalone desktop videoconferencing solution consider a proven solution that already delivers a great end-user experience. Look for one that has demonstrated reliability, consistently high quality, and is easy to use with an intuitive interface.

Which Avistar products do I need?

Avistar C3 Media Engine™

The Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution is a proven, embeddable, desktop endpoint component that seamlessly manages core audio and videoconferencing functions such as call initiation, and transrating and transcoding tasks while providing reliability, scalability, and rock-solid audio/video synchronization.