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Product Information
"By leveraging the cloud to deliver an economical and scalable multiparty voice and videoconferencing solution, while targeting technology, OEM and service partners, the Avistar ConnectWare solution will fill important voice and videoconferencing requirements within a broad spectrum of industries."

- Rob Arnold, Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

An Introduction to Avistar ConnectWare™

Avistar ConnectWare™ delivers a proven, cloud based voice and videoconferencing solution to technology, OEM and business partners, making videoconferencing available anywhere, to anyone on any device. Powered by the Avistar C3™ platform within the cloud, and proven within some of the industry’s most demanding on-premise deployments, Avistar ConnectWare™ brings people together and delivers a seamless, interoperable and reliable voice and video conferencing experience via the cloud.

Avistar ConnectWare™ is the industry’s first and only voice and videoconferencing platform designed to deliver a branded or “white labeled” visual communications experience via the cloud to Avistar partners that have a need for a flexible, economical, scalable and proven voice and videoconferencing infrastructure. From multiparty voice and videoconferencing, to addressing compatibility challenges between voiceconferencing and unified communications solutions, Avistar ConnectWare™ is designed to change the way business applications, services providers, communications solutions and business partners deliver voice and videoconferencing features to their clients and end users.

What makes Avistar ConnectWare™ that innovative?

  • Enables partners to deliver voice and videoconferencing to anyone, anywhere on any device
  • Delivers immersive voice and videoconferencing on leading unified communication, videoconferencing and mobile solutions
  • Engineered to be delivered through the Cloud, using premises proven solutions from Avistar Communications. Yes – this technology is proven!
  • All-software solution designed to scale “on-demand”
  • Lets partners and businesses connect any communications device via the cloud for a best-in-class video experience
  • Packaged and priced to deliver the industry’s most economical multiparty videoconferencing experience
  • Game-changing technology that disrupts traditional unified communications, mobile and telecommunications sectors

What is Avistar ConnectWare™ Conferencing?

Avistar ConnectWare™ Conferencing is the first of a series of Avistar cloud based solutions that are designed to meet a specific voice and videoconferencing use case. The Avistar ConnectWare™ Conferencing solution changes the way multiparty voice and videoconferencing is delivered by providing a cloud based, interoperable and scalable multiparty voice and videoconferencing solution to technology, OEM and business partners. This solution can be branded to meet the indentity needs of each partner and is packaged and priced using a simple monthly subscription model.

Additional features & benefits of the Avistar ConnectWare™ Conferencing package are:

  • Provide a cloud based, cost effective, simple to use and personalized multiparty voice and videoconferencing solution
  • Quick to setup, easy to use. Power any solution with multiparty voice and videoconferencing, via the cloud
  • Deliver differenciating levels of services through a web based and intuitive management interface
  • Scale capacity up or down based on business needs, quarterly meetings or group functions and strategies
  • Replace legacy hardware based MCUs with a cost effective and considerably more economical cloud based multiparty infrastructure
  • Includes broad interoperability support, industry leading security and encryption, in addition to proven reliability and quality of experience
  • Supports business continuity and recovery operatations by providing cloud based communications services

What platforms does Avistar ConnectWare™ support today?

Avistar ConnectWare™ Compatibility Notice:


Avistar ConnectWare has been designed to support a wide range of voice and video encoding and decoding standards, in addition to industry leading communication devices, unified communications solutions and voice and videoconferencing applications.


Avistar ConnectWare’s internet callable address facilitates simple, quick and reliable conferencing from just about any communications device or location . In some instances calls may not be established because of client network and/or device configuration. In these instances, please contact Avistar support for additional information and service setup instructions:

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