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Enterprise Endpoints

The endpoint is where videoconferencing touches users. Whether a high-end room system, or a thin-client virtual desktop or a standard desktop, it is where hundreds or even thousands of users make calls, receive them, and collaborate face-to-face with colleagues. It is the public face of your investment in unified communications.

A productive, non-frustrating desktop video experience must deliver on several points. First, the user should be able to make the call with a single mouse click, rather than get tied up in technical details? Second, the user should be able to easily add more participants, picking them from a familiar interface showing contacts.

Once connected, the user should see a high-definition, stable, smooth, and jitter-free image and equally good audio quality. And if the volume of video calls being handled by the network goes up the call should remain stable and always available.

The easier and more reliable the experience, the more employees will come to rely on it and use it throughout their work day. Additionally, businesses want to see scalability and minimal or no hardware investment as the usage of videoconferencing grows.

Efficient standards-based design minimizes network impacts and delivers reliability

Any unified communications that you consider should be standards-based, and leverage your current infrastructure and networks.  You may want the option of managing bandwidth – in fact; this is a must-have if you scale up to hundreds of users and beyond.

Efficiency with video compression, reliability, and stress-tested under real network loads – these are key criteria in choosing a videoconferencing endpoint. A software-only approach can save as much as 65 percent, as compared to hardware-based systems. Ultimately, ease of use, connectability, and call reliability will be the real drivers of acceptance and usage of videoconferencing, so examine these characteristics closely when choosing an enterprise solution for unified communications.

Which Avistar products do I need?

Avistar C3 Communicator™

The Avistar C3 Communicator™ solution is an all-software videoconferencing application that any employee can use on their desktop or laptop for a feature-rich, seamless, and reliable videoconferencing experience.

Avistar C3 Media Engine™

The Avistar C3 Media Engine™ solution is a proven, embeddable, desktop endpoint component that seamlessly manages core audio and videoconferencing functions such as call initiation, and transrating and transcoding tasks while providing reliability, scalability, and rock-solid audio/video synchronization.

Avistar C3 Unified™ for Microsoft OCS & Lync

Avistar C3 Unified™ for IBM Sametime

The Avistar C3 Unified™ solutions allow organizations to seamlessly integrate the feature-rich Avistar C3™ platform of desktop videoconferencing experience into the leading UC platforms such as Microsoft OCS, Microsoft Lync or IBM’s Sametime.