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Firewall Traversal

Firewalls, heterogeneous network configurations, multi-vendor hardware and security policies can be too effective – at frustrating would-be videoconferencing participants from making calls and connecting to important clients, vendors and suppliers. A traditional approach to resolving this challenge has been the use of a virtual private network, but that is a heavy-impact approach to the problem. A more transparent remedy is a software-based solution, using standards-compliant technology to enable videoconference calls to and from endpoints on either side of the firewall.

Users can make video calls without knowing what a firewall is

Enterprise videoconferencing demands a scalable firewall traversal solution, one that allows remote users to connect without any need to reconfigure their systems. Standards including SIP, STUN, TURN, and ICE enable solution to help companies continue to benefit from their earlier investments in videoconference solutions, with seamless connection to desktop users. The ideal from the user’s point of view is one-click access that establishes point to point and multiparty videoconference calls through barriers that otherwise can hinder unified communications.  The best situation for IT is that this firewall traversal solution is scalable, maintains high performance and redundancy, and is simple to deploy and support.

Which Avistar products do I need?

Avistar C3 Tunnel™

The Avistar C3 Tunnel™ solution is an all-software, standards-compliant, scalable firewall traversal solution with an encrypted pathway to safeguard transmissions outside the company and no VPN requirement.