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(SIP – H.323 Interoperability)

Desktop videoconferencing is most valuable when users can reach other videoconferencing endpoints like room solutions just as easily as other desktops. Unfortunately, users of desktop videoconferencing often have difficulty placing calls to endpoints in existing videoconferencing environments that utilize the H.323 standard, such as telepresence systems.

The most practical solution is a software-based SIP-to-H.323 gateway that handles the call details, giving users seamless interoperability with current and legacy videoconferencing. Most IT groups will require simple integration with a company’s existing videoconferencing environment. This solution should be available with no hardware requirement, and no impact on audio and video quality.

Taking videoconferencing to and from any environment

Buyers of desktop videoconferencing systems should look for a gateway capability that allows users to easily locate another user or location regardless if that is a SIP or H.323 endpoint  A software-based SIP to H.323 gateway that performs signal translation between SIP and legacy H.323 protocols will serve as a cost-effective means to integrate heterogeneous, new and old, unified communications infrastructure.

Which Avistar products do I need?

Avistar C3 Connect™

The Avistar C3 Connect™ solution is a software-only gateway that makes it easy to call to, or from, a wide range of current and legacy room and desktop systems.