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Multiparty Control Unit (MCU) Bridge

Multiparty videoconferencing requires a multipoint control unit (MCU) to conduct calls involving more than two endpoints. There are essentially two approaches: hardware, and software-based. Avistar chose to develop a completely software-based MCU for a number of reasons. Hardware obviously requires purchase of the basic proprietary unit, so the owner pays for its entire capacity, whether or not it’s in use. Software on the other hand allows for procurement and provision based on demand. This allows businesses to scale their videoconferencing investment as their usage increases, without overpaying and over provisioning up front.

Additionally, OEMs and other videoconferencing VARs or developers prefer a more economical approach: embed a software component and pay only for the capacity they will be using. The software-only MCU is fully capable of delivering industrial-strength multiparty videoconferencing within a range of applications, such as desktop productivity tools, while delivering the on the economic scalability that both businesses and OEM’s need today.

No proprietary hardware = lower cost and greater flexibility

OEMs need a rapid-deployment, straightforward MCU to enrich their applications with multiparty videoconferencing. An MCU should be standards-based and run on standard Wintel hardware so there is no need to buy proprietary hardware. Larger end customers will require flexibility between centralized or decentralized configurations.

For the end user, the benefits of this software-only approach are clear: lower operating costs for multiparty calling when compared to hardware-based MCUs because multiparty calling capacity is purchased only on an as needed basis.

Which Avistar products do I need?

Avistar C3 Conference™

The Avistar C3 Conference™ solution is an industrial-strength, software-only MCU that makes it easy and cost-effective to deploy multiparty business-class videoconferencing.