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SIP Registrar

Addressability (Fine Me, Follow Me, Calling)

Video calling should be as easy as email. That should hold true even in organizations with hundreds or thousands of users. Within large companies, though, employees often find it difficult to connect to other users and video endpoints. A SIP Registrar and Proxy, with URI dialing for Find Me, Follow Me calling, is the answer.

Video calls can be placed without going through a series of error-prone steps.  Users simply select an email-like URI – ‘conferenceroom@domain.com’ for example – to initiate a call. On the receiving side, an alias directory serves to route inbound calls. These ease-of-use features help to make desktop videoconferencing highly scalable, requiring minimal support from IT.

Automatically Locate, Signal, and Establish the Call

Your feature checklist should include the ability to automatically locate the recipient, signal, and establish the call. Connecting to other users and room systems should be transparent to the person initiating the call. A SIP architecture is well suited to this challenge, and is part of the Avistar videoconferencing experience.

Which Avistar products do I need?

Avistar C3 Call Control™

The Avistar C3 Call Control™ solution is a software component that our technology partners can use to make it easy for the users of their applications to reach any person in the organization, regardless of their communication mode.