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Desktop Videoconferencing in VDI Environments (Client Virtualization)

With the introduction of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) and advances of these technologies, many businesses are adopting strategies to move their desktop computing resources into the cloud or data center, in order to achieve the operational, environmental and business cost saving inherent in these VDI solutions.

Unfortunately, when it comes to communications solutions, VDI environments can often overburden business networks by sending and receiving large amount of uncompressed audio and video information.  This puts a strain on scalability limits and causes business applications to perform poorly. What is needed is a solution that maintains application processing within the VDI cloud, and compresses and optimizes all communications traffic before transmitting it over the network.

High quality, scalable video for VDI

Many organizations are looking for a business-class and standards-based desktop videoconferencing experience that supports the leading VDI solutions, and leverages the capabilities of the latest webcams, thin terminals and re-purposed PCs for client-side media processing. An efficient, software-based approach that doesn’t require proprietary hardware appliances enables full voice and video functionality to be delivered to remote workers – even over challenging network conditions. As a result, users experience an enjoyable, high-definition videoconferencing solution that is economical, designed to run within the VDI environment and fully interoperable with other videoconferencing and communications assets.

There is flux in the VDI marketplace, with hardware-based VDI solutions appearing. In comparison to a software-centric approach, these hardware units are expensive to deploy, maintain and support. Software-centric solutions are mobile, and hardware-independent.

Multiparty Videoconferencing and the Virtual MCU (Server Virtualization)

The Avistar C3 Conference™ solution is delivered as a software-only MCU which makes it perfectly suited to operate in a virtual server environment. This allows Avistar’s partners and clients to deploy a standards based multiparty conferencing solution on leading virtual servers from Citrix and VmWare. The benefits of this deployment option are quickly realized as virtual MCU’s can quickly scale up on demand, and then can quickly scale down to meet reduced operating needs. This provided the videoconferencing industry with an interoperable, standards based and fully virtualized MCU that can operate in an elastic environment.

The best software-only MCU brings everyone into the picture

The Avistar C3 Conference™ solution delivers significant business communication enhancements to applications, making it easier and more cost-effective to deploy multiparty business-class videoconferencing. The Avistar C3 Conference™ solution is an industrial-strength, software-only MCU (multipoint control unit). It delivers:

  • Simple, accessible multiparty conferencing
  • Provides deployment flexibility with right-sized buying
  • Designed to be operated within any infrastructure and supports integration into other communication solutions, while being fully virtualized

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