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"Interoperability [is] a key theme for successful business-to-business videoconferencing. End users [that associate] videoconferencing with a quantitative ROI and achieving a best-in-class status [are] more likely to have room-based solutions that also [connect] to desktop or PC-based video solutions and the ability to support interoperability between multiple vendor solutions."

- Aberdeen Group

Industry analysts like Gartner and Frost & Sullivan suggest you don’t have to settle for inferior functionality in any area of a UC suite. While native voice, email, and IM capabilities may meet requirements, videoconferencing has been another story. You may be looking to integrate a superior videoconferencing capability into your UC solution. Or, your organization may be looking to fully unify inter-company communications by getting users to embrace the videoconferencing capability of the unified communications system already installed. The analysts point out that a multi-vendor approach may be the best way to accomplish this.

If you’d like to know how to get started give us a call. We’ll show you how Avistar’s C3 platform provides an ideal path to carry out that strategy and achieve best of breed videoconferencing for your unified communication system.

All software. Low-cost and flexible.

Avistar C3′s efficient, software-only design requires no specialized hardware or network equipment to purchase. This makes it easy to embed into an existing UC solution. You’ll minimize the network infrastructure demands and the costs to deploy UC videoconferencing. The result? You’ll be up and running with a superior videconferencing solution faster than any available alternative.

Better video experience.

You don’t want users falling back to the personal videoconferencing tools they know and like to use. That won’t happen if you give them high quality videoconferencing that’s easy to use every time they need to get on a video call. The Avistar C3 platform delivers continuous presence multiparty videoconferencing that is HD quality in a familiar IM-like interface. Users are comfortable with it from day one. In fact, the Avistar’s C3 video experience is so good that users on average increase their use of videoconferencing fourfold two years after deployment.

Connect to existing video infrastructure.

Avistar C3′s transcoded media architecture connects to more endpoints including existing infrastructure (room-based, desktop, etc.) so users will be able to connect to the video infrastructure they’ve already invested in.

Know it will work with current and future investments.

The Avistar C3 platform enables videoconferencing between UC solutions such as Microsoft Lync and IBM Sametime, in addition to room solutions such as Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize and Radvision so you can leverage and extend the communication capabilities of your current investments. Avistar C3’s standards based architecture ensures videoconferencing in your UC solution will also work with legacy communication assets such as telephony solutions and H.323 videoconference rooms. Regardless of the media type, signaling protocol or underlying virtualized infrastructure of your UC systems, the Avistar C3 platform makes videoconferencing work together.

Avistar C3 Platform

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