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Avistar C3 ConferenceTM in Action
"Avistar was the first to market with a sophisticated virtual desktop videoconferencing solution that is cost effective to acquire, deploy and maintain. The company's software-based multipoint control unit (MCU) and dynamic bandwidth management products set it apart from the competition."

- Frost & Sullivan

Cloud-ready, enterprise-proven

Finally, you can throw a huge multiparty videoconference that everyone will rave about.

Avistar C3 Conference™ software-based multiparty HD videoconferencing is—like the cloud—a path to lower capital expenditure and rapid deployments, without maintaining complex and costly technology.

But what does it take for videoconferencing technology to be cloud-ready? For starters, Avistar C3 Conference runs on virtual servers. To scale up, just add more instances.

Will your networks be able to handle the back and forth video traffic? Avistar’s built-in bandwidth solutions have it covered—more on that below.

Next, can it handle thousands of diverse endpoints, including PCs, room systems, and the mobile devices people use today?

With a hands-on demonstration, you’ll see how users enjoy a high quality HD experience, connect to legacy room systems easily, and use it daily to be more effective in their jobs.

Your cloud or theirs, with rapid deployment

Avistar C3 Conference is the ideal multiparty backbone for a cloud implementation. Service providers and enterprises can deploy this proven, standards-based solution as their foundation for go-anywhere videoconferencing on private or public cloud infrastructure. It all runs on standard hardware, which significantly reduces implementation time and ongoing support costs.

Cloud or On-Premises: Collaboration that can grow

Enterprise IT groups can choose: establish your own cloud-based HD videoconferencing, or look to a cloud-based solutions provider. In either case, Avistar’s videoconference processing, price performance and cloud enablement allow you to deploy quickly and scale up smoothly. You can provide HD multiparty services to large user / customer bases at a fraction of what alternatives cost, and users have access from their preferred devices: tablets, PCs, smart phones, and room systems.

The Cost? Divide by Four

$ per seat (@HD)

In a recent benchmark study, the Avistar solution delivered 32 port HD multiparty videoconferencing for 1/4 the cost of competitive hardware-based solutions.

Whether you have many employees — or a handful — our 100% software-based Avistar C3 ConferenceT videoconferencing platform will deliver a feature-rich experience popular with end users, and scale up easily as your needs grow. The only thing we can’t match: the high prices of doing it with inflexible, proprietary hardware-dependent systems.

Avistar runs on standard off-the-shelf hardware and operating system software, and on virtualized servers. This dramatically lowers the cost of multiparty videoconferencing, making it justifiable and accessible to many more organizations.

You may be worried that lower cost translates into lower quality.  But Avistar’s customers report just the opposite.  Running on Avistar they experience HD quality video with improved bandwidth optimization that results in LESS drain on your existing networks.  The best indicator of the cost and quality benefits that Avistar C3 ConferenceTM delivers?  The longer a company has Avistar-based videoconferencing, the more employees use it.

Scalability on demand for the devices they use

For companies not using Avistar, the number of endpoints on a call is limited by the capacity of the multipoint control unit server.  But now, your company or your cloud provider can link any number of Avistar C3 Conference instances. Each runs on physical or virtual servers in the data center, and together form one virtual “mega-bridge” that accommodates all your endpoints.

Something only software can do.

You can scale it up or down, based on demand—something only a software videoconferencing platform can do.  The result: scalability that is essentially unlimited, whether deployed in-house or via the cloud.

As you add more endpoints – even a wide mixture of devices – the Avistar conferencing platform only gets more efficient.  Avistar C3 Conference™ delivers critical multiparty video conferencing features such as transcoding and transrating for each participant in every conference.  The experience perfectly matches the capabilities of each endpoint and no resources are wasted. Employees are free to join the videoconference with the devices they already use.

See for yourself

Avistar’s 100% software-only conferencing platform deploys and rolls out easily. But don’t take our word for it. Avistar multiparty videoconferencing solutions are in use today at organizations around the world. Let us show you how your company can benefit from Avistar too.

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